Our history

At the service of my clients
Ethnilink was born from my passion for the specificities of dark and black skin and for human relations, exchange, sharing.
Of Spanish, Beninese and Brazilian origin, I was primarily concerned by the lack of information and follow-up on curly or frizzy hair and the maintenance of black and mixed skin.
But how can I add value and differentiate myself from the many existing Afro product outlets?
Offer what I would have wanted for myself! A warm welcome, advice and very good prices!
Opening an Afro shop "like no other"
Genetics, lifestyle and the environment play an important role in the quality of skin and hair. This is even more true for black populations and people of mixed race whose skin and hair are more sensitive to colder and drier climates.
These specificities require appropriate advice. I realized in 2004 that there was certainly a wide choice of Afro cosmetic products more or less suitable on the market. But that unfortunately there was not in the traditional Afro stores the adequate accompaniment to make the best use of them.
Evolving in the world of balneotherapy and following numerous training courses on the specificities of Afro and mixed skin and hair, I decided to start this great adventure. Open an afro shop like no other: modern, focused on hospitality, advice, quality brands, open to everyone.
The sales space was born of this desire: to provide personalized answers and advice, more particularly to black and mixed-race populations whose needs are not sufficiently taken into account. With a follow-up that makes it possible to sustain the results obtained.

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In February 2022, the Provial Cosmetics store changed its name to Ethnilink

Betting on the proximity of a "beauty convenient store"
The Ethnilink boutique was also born from this desire to create a plural, multi-ethnic space, open to all requests for beauty advice. Our customers are also of very varied origins and our ranges are adapted to different types of skin or hair. A very close relationship was quickly forged with my clients and it has lasted for several years now (thank you to all those who recognize themselves…).
This desire to start is still in Ethnilink's DNA: discovery of your problems, listening to your needs and your objectives, solutions and adequate follow-up according to your rhythm of life. I work with the best partners in the sector for skin and hair, to be able to offer you personalized advice and products carefully selected for their qualities and their effectiveness.
The online store completes my approach and allows me to offer the essentials of the store in the 20th arrondissement and well beyond. Looking forward to your next visit!

Cécilia D'almeida