Consulting, Our DNA

Many factors influence the quality of our skin and hair: genetics, lifestyle, environment play an important role and all the more so for black populations and people of mixed race whose skin and hair are more susceptible to colder, drier climates.

These specificities require appropriate advice. In 2004, I noticed that there was certainly a wide choice of Afro cosmetic products more or less suitable on the market, but that there were not in Afro stores Traditional products, support and adequate follow-up to make the best use of them.

Evolving at the time in the world of balneotherapy and following numerous training courses on the specificities of Afro and mixed skin and hair, I decided to start this new adventure. Open an afro shop like no other and open to everyone: modern, focused on hospitality, personalized advice, follow-up to sustain the results obtained, with a targeted choice of quality brands.

The Ethnilink boutique was also born from this desire to create a plural, multiethnic space, open to all requests for personalized advice. Our customers are also of very varied origins and our ranges are adapted to different types of skin or hair.

A very close relationship has quickly developed with many of our customers and has lasted for several years now. I thank all those who have trusted us for all these years, allowing us to constantly improve the quality of the services we offer you.

This desire to start is still in Ethnilink's DNA: discovering your problems, listening to your needs and objectives, appropriate solutions and follow-upts depending on your lifestyle.

I work with the best partners in the sector for skin and hair, to be able to offer you personalized advice and products carefully selected for their qualities and their effectiveness.

The online store completes my approach, by being the extension of the Parisian store for all those who cannot go to the store.

Cécilia D'almeida