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Afro hair care: the hair routine

For good hair maintenance on a daily basis protein masks should only be used once a month to strengthen your hair. Used too frequently they will dry them out.

The essential part of your hair routine, if you want to preserve the hair's hydration throughout the week, is your leave-in without rinsing. You have to choose it according to the curliness and density of your hair, put it on towel-dried hair and follow it with milk or a styling cream with oil, butter or oily serum to seal in hydration .

For those who prefer to use the new curl-activating gels, be careful not to suffocate the hair. Leave-in without rinsing, oily serum plus jelly will be more than enough and will prevent dandruff on drying.

To keep as much length and curls as possible, after your restorative treatments, we advise you to make twists, braids, cabbage, braids with cotton thread so that when drying your hair shrinks to a minimum .

For those who use a hair dryer, protect it with protective care from heat that does not contain silicone. Indeed, on fine hair, this tends to have a straightened hair effect in the long run because during the next shampoos you will observe that your hair no longer regains its initial shape.

When your hair is dry and you undo your hairstyle, you will find that the hair will remain flexible, shiny and manageable. All you need to do in the morning is to spray on a curl refresher spray (rather curly hair), or a few drops of serum (rather curly to frizzy hair) so that the hairstyle is maintained until your next shampoo.

It is important not to do your hair routine too late in the evening so that your hair is completely dry when you go to bed, otherwise beware of the "straw" effect in the morning.

Complete your hair routine

Chemically treated hair

For hair that is weakened by the action of straightening, waves, coloring or straightening, it is important to keratin to replace the hair lost during these different chemical actions.

Indeed, they change your hair fiber, make your hair porous and dry.

Hair plaited or woven

This type of hairstyle should not be kept for more than a month to avoid breakage. For good hair maintenance you should spray a moisturizing spray on the scalp and roots in the morning to prevent dandruff and dehydration.

In the evening, if the hair is fragile, apply a growth activating serum to prevent your roots from weakening.

By avoiding keeping this type of hairstyle for too long, it will be really protective and allow good hair growth.

Your hair is unique, which is why your care routine must be adapted to your real needs and not those of your friend. What works on one won't necessarily work on another.

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